NPB Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management at NPB Neue Privat Bank AG encompasses wealth management for private and institutional clients, the management of NPB’s own funds, the issue of structured products and in-house research. The highly-qualified Asset Management Team combines the latest scientific methods with many years of professional and market experience. Our systematic investment process is based on an analysis of the economic outlook and on the study/evaluation of individual investments.

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The investment strategy pursued by NPB is geared towards a marked risk reduction and generating a positive return in the medium term through appropriate asset allocation.

Investment philosophy

The strategic asset allocation is based on a fundamental top-down approach and implemented in a disciplined investment process. It combines the systematic analysis of customer needs and of the global economic outlook. It relies both on own macro forecasts and on secondary research of leading global securities firms. The periodic adjustment of asset allocation (rebalancing) allows temporary tactical over- and underweighting while maintaining long-term strategic allocations.

Core-satellite strategy
Asset management is characterized by the systematic use of global diversification potential. The customer custody accounts are modularly adjusted to individual customers' preferences by means of selected securities, ETFs, best-in-class investment funds, structured products, etc. Customers can invest in individual modules (individual securities, ETFs, mutual funds, structured products) or combine these modules, as desired. ETFs are an attractive investment, especially in mature markets, as only a few actively managed investment funds consistently outperform the respective indexes in terms of returns.

With the addition of structured products higher yields can be achieved if the markets move sideways. Selected structured products are also suitable for reducing the risks of a portfolio without severely limiting the upside potential as prices rise.

Equities and bond investments (individual securities, ETFs, investment funds, etc.) can be supplemented as a core investment by alternative investments. The asset classes chosen as complementary investments (satellite) include, in particular, infrastructure investments, indirect real estate investments, hedge funds as well as investments in private equity and private debt.

The investment strategy pursued by NPB is geared towards generating a return in the medium term that exceeds a suitable benchmark with significantly reduced risk. This is achieved by implementing strict controls and permanent follow up strategy implementation.

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Investment funds and actively managed certificates

NPB Neue Privat Bank AG offers funds domiciled in Switzerland or Luxembourg. In Switzerland, custody accounts are managed by Bank Sarasin; in Luxembourg, this role is performed by DZ Bank. The Swiss fund and the Luxembourg-based umbrella fund, which meet the requirements of a SICAV under UCITS IV, have been licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) for public distribution in Switzerland.

Best-in-class fund portfolio

NPB Neue Privat Bank AG offers those investors who prefer to invest part of or their entire portfolio in equity and/or bond funds, rather than directly in individual equities and bonds, the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of selected investment funds.

Based on an investment strategy that is optimised on an ongoing basis, investment funds managed by the world’s best asset managers are selected using a ‘best-in-class’ approach.

This ‘best-in-class’ approach is based on the recognition that it is not possible today, even for very large banking institutions, to generate an above-average return in all markets and market segments; and that an independent selection of funds promises a better return.

Structured Products / actively managed certificates (rule based)

A structured product is an investment vehicle which combines various financial instruments and combines them into a new entity. In addition to basic investments such as equities, bonds, indices or commodities, derivatives also form an integral part of structured products.

Combining instruments allows the risks associated with specific investments to be reduced or increased on an individual basis. Structured products are deployed for investors targeting asymmetrical risk/return characteristics (e.g. capital guaranteed or leverage product).

An attractive segment of structured products are the so-called Actively Managed Certificates (CMA's) offered by the bank to its customers. AMC's invest in new investment themes or styles based on a rule-based approach like the below listed products advised by Dorsey Wright Associates. These CMA's select equities with strong momentum and low volatility based on a quantitative approach.

NPB Neue Privat Bank AG bases each choice of product on an evaluation and selection of the best and most cost-effective issuers from amongst leading investment banks.

To date, NPB has successfully launched over 300 structured products.