NPB Private Banking

Private Banking

NPB Neue Privat Bank AG puts you in direct contact with partners and top performers who can boast decades of experience in private banking and asset management.

The manageable size of our bank enables us to guarantee diligence, discretion, accessibility, availability and a highly qualified team, who will take your requirements seriously right from the start.

You value experience.

Short decision-making channels provide you with clear answers quickly, even to complex questions. Together with our trusted network of specialist partners, we cover a wide range of services.

Investment advice

The individual investment advice provided by NPB Neue Privat Bank AG. aims to find the best possible balance between the client’s real requirements and the potential/risks of the whole spectrum of investment options. This objective can only be successfully achieved if there is a close relationship, based on trust, between the client and advisor.

It is therefore important to us that we get to know our clients personally, and cultivate this relationship on an ongoing and long-term basis.

Our investment advice is guided by modern scientific methods relating to financial markets. However, we also draw on the many years of experience of our staff in this decision-making process.

The client himself decides on his investments and transactions, based on concrete recommendations, which is not the case with an asset management mandate.

Management mandate

An asset management instruction or mandate offers you professional management of your assets in accordance with your ideas and objectives. The mandate is carried out by our portfolio managers.

In the course of a personal discussion with you we can define an investment strategy that is tailored to your preferences and willingness to take on risk, as well as the appropriate investment instruments. Thanks to a modular investment strategy, you can choose between direct investments (equities, bonds), investment funds and structured products, as well as combinations of these different investment instruments.

In the case of investment funds and structured products, our bank – in cooperation with independent research partners – selects the best providers on the basis of an appropriate set of criteria. Cooperation with proven specialists also enables hedge funds and private equity investments to be made via our bank.

Within the framework of the defined strategy, your portfolio is constantly adapted in line with the investment policy drawn up by our bank, and is optimised by monitoring developments on the financial markets. We keep you informed of the progress of your investments on a regular basis.

Family Office

Through its network of specialists, NPB Neue Privat Bank AG offers an extensive range of Family Office services. Be it securities portfolios, real estate, legacies, investments or acquisitions, we manage and preserve family wealth in accordance with your requirements as part of a multi-generational planning process.

We develop a long-term integrated solution that is tailored to your needs, and support you in all areas of implementation and administration. In doing so, we safeguard your interests and take care of all aspects of asset management.

We can also advise you on business matters or succession planning, and in our capacity as an expert partner we are in a position to deal with all your fiduciary requirements, thus actively alleviating your day-to-day administrative burden.