FAQ and Regulation

  • Accounts can be opened at NPB Neue Privat Bank AG following a face-to-face discussion. It is very important to us to develop a genuine and longstanding relationship with our clients based on trust.

  • NPB does not have a minimum investment volume for opening a client relationship. With a best-in-class fund portfolio small investment volumes can also benefit from modern asset management geared to absolute returns. Customised asset management mandates can also be set up from around CHF 500,000.

  • As a Swiss bank NPB comes under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Ernst & Young AG have been the bank’s external auditors since it was established. It should be noted that under Swiss legislation all portfolio assets (securities and fiduciary deposits) held at a Swiss bank remain the property of the clients.

    As an asset management bank, NPB is very sound financially thanks to its equity ratio, which far exceeds the legal minimum. The credit business has been the principal cause of the small number of bankruptcies and imbalances suffered by Swiss banks in the last 200 years. Against this background NPB is very conservative in its lending; only granting credit when it is collaterally secured. For further credit requirements, we are happy to refer our clients to suitable partners.

  • Banking secrecy covers all data that is obtained in the course of a business relationship between banks and clients. The client’s right to secrecy is protected under the Swiss Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks. Discretion at NPB means that this right is observed in every respect, something which is naturally easier for a smaller bank to do.

  • The Automatic exchange of information (AEOI) in tax matters is of core importance in increasing tax transparency at the international level. It is a standard in accordance with which tax authorities in the participating countries exchange information about taxpayers' bank accounts and custody accounts. So far, over 100 countries have announced to apply the worldwide AEOI standard.

    You can find out more about AEOI by following the links below.

    SwissBanking: Automatic exchange of information (AEOI)
    SIF: Overview on AEOI relevant countries
    OECD: Automatic Exchange

  • NPB Neue Privat Bank AG is an owner-managed Swiss private bank. As entrepreneurs, we emphasize personal responsibility, performance and foresight. The protection of our clients' assets and transparency is a high priority for us within the framework of a sustainable joint business relationship. The information below should help you to understand important aspects of the investment business and investor protection. The following investor protection principles are based on the Swiss Federal Financial Services Act (FinSA, ger. FIDLEG; "FIDLEG") and the European Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments, ("MIFID II").

    Download Information on Investor Protection at NPB