About NPB

About us

NPB Neue Privat Bank AG was founded in 2001 as a pure asset management bank by the four managing partners and a small group of private Swiss investors. It is an autonomous and independent Swiss private bank based solely in Zurich. NPB is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association.

Our philosophy

The founders consider themselves as both businessmen and bankers committed to traditional values. Their guiding principle is to act as a trusted partner to the client, and to exploit the new business opportunities that are constantly opening up in today’s complex and rapidly changing banking environment. As a small, active bank we strive to offer our clients a direct, personal, flexible and rapid service and to demonstrate our ability to do this day in, day out.

Outsourcing partner

NPB has entered into a partnership with InCore Bank AG for logistics services. InCore Bank AG is majority owned by SOBACO Holding AG.

Our clients thus benefit from the latest information and communication technology incorporating the highest standards of security.